*note: generally, i dream with a theme. sometimes if i am having a particularly difficult spell, my dreams may hide clues on how i can overcome. sometimes i dream about what will happen. i dislike these dreams. they repeat until i tell the parties involved.

every so often, i dream of complete nonsense. these are my favourite dreams.

characters (added as they appear):
-pixie: male. almond-shaped blue eyes. dyed black hair. plays the guitar and sings like an angel. manipulative, clever and rather cruel.
-straw-hair: his appearance changes often. he is always tall and stringy. sometimes his hair is tied back. sometimes he wears facial hair. he always wears traveling boots. his clothes are timeless. he never comes to me unless i plead with him. truculent but oddly nonpartisan.
-his friend: straw-hair's friend. not a side-kick for he can hold his own. his colouring is dark but his has a halcyon heart.
-she: often she is "me". naïve yet misanthropic.