Friday, November 12, 2010

i lay feeling squished but not unpleasantly so. i wiggle so my leg can be bent to my side. a moment later, i roll over to the other side. sleep has disappeared again. i open my eyes. sunlight. i focus on the pillow to my left - handfuls of straw-coloured hair. i'm not alarmed by this. absentmindedly i turn my head (the other cheek tells me the pillowcase is cold on that side!? i wish i had known that a few moments ago. maybe i would have gone back to sleep). huh. who is this to the right of me?

i poke the one with the straw-coloured hair. i point at the other person in our shared bed. he smiles.

i sit up and peek under the white covers. my nightdress is still on, so are my socks. the others, however, are void of their clothing.

"did we... ?"

he looks at me, perplexed. "no, not you."


i try to jog my sluggish mind, nothing comes.

"you just watched."

watched? i wonder. and in a flannel nightdress?

(i had a blissful few hours of dreams. Hastily unbuttoned. Kisses that later made for sore jaws. Straw coloured hair on white pillowcases.)

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